So with 2013 nearing a close and 2014 about to begin it is once again time to review the past and imagine the future.  In the next few weeks we will be covering a few topics that I, unfortunately, feel the need to revisit.  Like: what does the constitution mean and who does it apply too (everyone seems to get this way wrong), who qualifies to be president (more birther crap), people and their secrets (NSA), freaking common core (again), and most importantly, why telling people to either like it or move is not an ‘American’ ideal…nor is it in any way tolerant.  But we will also be touching on a few more recent topics along with some things that are not part of the national discussion but which I think should be.  Such as: The Pope v. Christian Right (I cannot express how much I am loving this), What Islam really is…and what it isn’t (the majority gets jihad wrong), who the media shouldn’t be paying attention to (seriously, wgaf about Miley), the meaning of Christianity (IMO), and a thoroughly nerdy post as to why more people should watch Dr. Who and other Sci-Fi/Fantasy shows.  My resolution this year is to write more so hopefully (fingers crossed) you will see these and many more posts in the upcoming weeks and months.  Of course, if there is a topic I am missing that any of you (if anyone does read my rare musings) wish to see covered that I am missing just drop me a line.  Though I can almost guarantee that this year will be rife with things that either make me angry or hurt my head enough to warrant a post or two.  It is after all an election year.